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Safety Information



Kenwood is undertaking a voluntary corrective action plan that affects the Blend-X Pro blender, (ONLY model BLM80 is affected). Kenwood has determined that there is the potential for the low blade to break and this can result in a laceration or an ingestion hazard to the consumer. Products affected have date codes between 14x01 to 15x22 ("x" is a letter: e.g. 14T01).

Please proceed through the following procedure to determine if you have a unit requiring a corrective action:

1. Please check and record the date code, which can be found on the rating plate, located on the underside of the product.


The rating plate can be found on the underside of this product showing the type BLM80 and the date code from 14x01 to 15x22.


2. Please check if the blender blades have the laser etched identification as per below:




3. Is your product affected?

Do product's blades have identification markings?